The Orri variety is a mandarin variety obtained in Israel with a unique flavor. The Orri mandarin that is produced in Spain, is harvested between the months of January and May.


The fruit is of a supreme quality, practically seedless, with a very high sugar content (14-15º Brix), exceptionally offset by its acid content, which gives a unique and characteristic flavour to this variety.

The pulp is orange coloured, with fine texture, tender, very juicy and with extremely thin carpel walls, which gives it an especially pleasant organoleptic sensation.

The fruit has a good size, with soft and smooth skin, with an intense orange colouring. The stalk area is slightly flat and the style is rounded. It is easy to peel, although it has very resistant and firm skin that gives it optimal preservation on the trees as well as after harvest. This characteristic allows the season to be extended thanks to its extraordinary capacity of preservation.

This feature allows it to be preserved naturally in excellent condition between the months of January and May.

The Orri mandarin is a hybrid variety, developed through the Orah variety by the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) of Israel.

On 17 January 2013 it was registered in the Registry of Protected Varieties of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs with the number 2572.

Later, on 29 July 2013, the Plant Breeder’s Title from the European Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) was granted with number 35889, which signified the expansion of the protection and of the plant breeder’s rights to the entire European Union until 31 December 2043.

Finally, the Plants Production and Marketing Board (PPMB) of Israel, in representation of the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), named The Enforcement Organization, S.L. (TEO) exclusive Master Licensee of the Orri variety in Spain and Portugal.

In addition, the variety is protected or in route to protection in the following countries